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School Attendance

Attendance at School

Attendance is a vital element of your success at school. The Department of Education and the NSW Educational Standards Authority have guidelines about your attendance at school and you should refer to these guidelines in order to meet the mandatory requirements of schooling.

At Bankstown Girls High School we value the importance of attendance and its impact on how well you will achieve success. You are expected to be at school every day unless you are ill or there is a valid excuse for your absence.

If you are absent from school you are expected to bring a medical certificate from a doctor or a note from your parents to explain your absence. These notes should be brought back on the very next day you attend school. If you are going to be absent from school for more than three days parents are required to contact the school to explain the absence.

The school currently alerts parents to absences via sms. These messages will be sent out to the primary mobile number recorded against your daughters enrolment details. You are encouraged to make sure your details are updated any time you change your mobile phone number to ensure that you continue to receive notification of student absence. You are able to reply to these sms messages to explain the reason for your daughters absence. These messages are usually sent before 11am each day.

If you need to pick your daughter up from school early and know in advance you are requested to write a note explaining the reason for the absence. Your daughter is to take the note to the Head Teacher Wellbeing before the start of school so that arrangements can be made for an early leave pass. In all circumstances a parent will be required to pick their daughter up from school. No student will be allowed to leave school early unaccompanied. In circumstances where you have to pick your daughter up from school early and you did not have time to arrange for a note to be brought to school we ask that you call the school so that arrangements can be made for your daughter to be ready when you arrive at school to pick her up.

There are guidelines that have been issued to your daughters that explain the requirements of attendence for assessment tasks. Please refer to assessment booklets if an absence will affect an attendance task.

If you intend to go overseas for a hoiliday or to visit a sick relative you are required to speak to the Head Teacher Wellbeing to learn about the requirements for applying for leave. The Department of Education is required to comply with government policy in relation to leave during school time and encourages parents to arrange holidays during school vacation periods.  The process to apply for leave will depend on how much school time your daughter will be absent for. This may involve an interview with the Principal. You are encouraged to arrange for this to happen before you purchase tickets as leave can only be granted under certain circumstances.


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