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International Students

International Students



Principal: Mrs S Bilali

International Student Coordinator: Mrs L Pacey

Address: Mona Street Bankstown NSW 2200

CRICOS PROVIDER NAME: NSW Department of Education

CRICOS Provider Code: 00588M

Bankstown Girls High School accommodates international students from a range of different cultures. We provide students with support in all facets of their schooling. Support comes in the form of:

  • International Student Coordinator: Supports students daily with any welfare and/or academic needs.
  • Orientation support: The International Student Coordinator and relevant Deputy Principal are involved in the enrolment procedure and provide students with a buddy student from their year group to assist their transition into a new school. Orientation support information is provided to the student.
  • International Student Essential Learning Period (ELP): This class is held each morning for 20 minutes and ensures the students have daily contact with the coordinator.
  • Classroom Support: International students are supported on an individual needs basis. Students are supported with team teaching or withdrawal for intensive support. International students are also enrolled into the targeted EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) class for more intensive literacy support. Year 11 and year 12 have a separate EAL/D English course that is designed to meet the social and academic needs of the student.
  • Academic/Progress Reports: The progress of all students is assessed and collated in all academic courses every semester. The International Student coordinator revises each students report to ensure they are meeting their full potential. Progress reports are provided to the students Parent/Carer.
  • Attendance Reports: Attendance is monitored daily. Students must attend a minimum of 80% of all scheduled classes. If they do not meet attendance requirements they may be reported to DE International, unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances (See DE International link below for more information)
  • International Student Excursions: These excursions are culturally significant. They also engage the students with the wider community.
  • Post School Options: The Careers Advisor and Transition Coordinator support international students and help them access relevant courses and career expos. They also link them to post school agencies.

If you are interested in attending our school, please contact DE International and nominate Bankstown Girls High School as your preferred school.

To access DE International please click on the following link: DE International




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